What is a straight bet?
A straight bet is a bet placed with no permutations of bets, all selections must win or place for a return.

Straight Bets

Bet NameSelectionsBetsx1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8

A single is the most simple form of bet and is one bet on one selection to win an event. A single can be placed win or each way (win and place).

£10 Win
Van Persie (First Goal) @ 5/1
Man Utd v Chelsea

£5 Each Way
Henry Horse @ 20/1
14:20 Kempton

Following on from a single is the double which again is one bet in itself but in this instance two selections are chosen. In a double bet the money which is won from the first selection, should it win, is automatically placed onto the second selection to win.

£10 Win Double
Van Persie (First Goal) @ 5/1
Man Utd v Chelsea

Henry Horse @ 20/1
14:20 Kempton

In the example above if Van Persie scores the first goal there would be a return of £60.00, this money would then go onto Henry Horse to win.

A treble is a continuation of the single and double above, three selections in different events are chosen and the return from each selection goes onto the next (accumulates!). For a return all three must win, or place in an each way bet.

£5 Each Way Treble
Henry Horse @ 20/1 14:20 Kempton
Gift Card @ 12/1 14:50 Kempton
Rock Solid @ 10/1 16:00 Southwell
Total Paid: £10.00

Any number of selections in different events can be combined as in single/double/treble above and these are commonly known as an accumulator. A customer can place a five team accumulator, ten horse accumulator or any other number. If referring to individual bets lower than the total amount of selections then they can be called’folds’. A customer could select ten football teams and opt to bet on only the five folds and six folds.

In the event of a non-runner or abandoned event the bet is settled on the remaining selections. Any loser in an accumulator means the whole bet has lost.

Singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators form the basis of many other bet types offered by bookmakers under various names. A Yankee bet for example is a combination of doubles, trebles and a four-fold. The customer can also specify their own choice of bets as required.