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Football Betting

When betting on football matches you can place most of the normal bets detailed in our bet types page, win singles, doubles, accumulators, yankees, etc. There are however differences in the markets available on each event and we have tried to detail some of the popular markets below.

Full Time Result
The most basic form of betting on a football match is the full time result. This bet requires the customer to choose one selection from Home Team, Away Team or Draw and the bet is placed on that outcome. The bet is settled on the result after 90 minutes play which includes injury time BUT NOT extra time and/or penalties. Full time result predictions can be combined in accumulators and bookmakers will produce special coupons to highlight these options for each round of fixtures.

The 90 minute market is the most profitable to the customer as it has the minimum amount of bookmaker margin factored into the prices. For the shrewd punter a win single on the 90 minute market should be the bet of choice. Combined results in accumulators starts to sway the odds in the bookmakers favour.

Also known as: 90 Minutes, Win/Draw/Win, Home/Draw/Away, Win/Lose/Draw, 1X2

Handicap Betting
Handicap betting is another outright match market but in this instance the bookmaker gives one of the teams a notional head start on the other, the ‘handicap’. For example Chelsea v Cardiff could have a handicap of Chelsea -1, which means that however the game finishes Chelsea will have one goal deducted and then all bets settled on that result. Conversely the customer could select Cardiff +1 for their bet at the price quoted. Only one handicap should be applied at any one time.

The most common handicap market for betting is +1/-1 goal but bookmakers will generally offer a range of handicap markets with differing handicap values and prices quoted.

Draw No Bet
The draw no bet market is settled on the result of the game after 90 minutes but should it be a draw all stakes are refunded. Effectively this removes the draw as an option and leaves only the home team (1) and away team (2) as betting options. With this market the prices are lower than the standard 90 minute betting prices but the bet is useful when backing teams who tend to draw a lot of games or in leagues with a higher than average number of draws.

Win To Nil
With the win to nil bet you are backing a team to win the game and not concede any goals. This market is best for teams who have rock solid defence or are playing teams who have poor scoring form. If the opposition score a goal then the bet is a loser.

First Team To Score
This bet is to nominate the team who will score the first goal in the match. Home and Away can be chosen plus No Goal which is normally the same price as 0-0 in the correct score market.

Correct Score
A correct score bet is to predict the score, for both teams, after 90 minutes play. The bet is usually written out home team – away team, e.g. 2-1, so care should be taken to ensure the teams are the correct way around. There are numerous betting options in this market and a high degree of variation in prices between bookmakers so you are best to shop around.

Winning Margin
The winning margin bet is normally to predict which team will win the match and by how many goals they will beat the other team. For example Chelsea to win by 2 goals, this would need Chelsea to win 2-0 or 3-1 or 5-3, etc. Some bookmakers will offer prices on the winning margin for EITHER team but this is less common.

Half Time
The half time result is exactly the same as the full time result market but is settled after 45 minutes play instead of 90 minutes.

The half-time/full-time bet is to predict the outcome of the match at half-time followed by the outcome of the match at full-time. As there are three results available at each point there are a total of nine betting options available:


For the bet to be a winner BOTH outcomes predicted by the customer must be correct. A single price is offered for this bet.

Also known as: Double Result

First Goal Scorer
The first goal scorer market requires the customer to correctly predict the player who will score the first goal in the game. The market usually includes an option for no goal so should a game finish 0-0, assuming your chosen player actually played, then the bet is a loser.

Questions often arise when an own goal is scored, in particular what happens to your bet. Some bookmakers include a price for own goal in the betting, in this instance your bet would be a loser. Others do not and in this case the bet would be settled on the second goal scored. You should check with the bookmaker as to their settling policy.

Another question asked is what happens if a player comes on after the first goal or what happens if a player comes on in the 89th minute with the score 0-0? Does the bet still stand? The easiest way to remember what happens is the rule ‘If you can’t win, you can’t lose!’. If your player comes on after the first goal you have no chance to win, therefore your bet is void. If your player comes on at 0-0 in the 89th minute, even though he only plays for sixty seconds, he has had a chance to score the first goal, if he fails your bet is a loser. If a player starts the game and is taken off after five minutes, again the bet is a loser.

Each Way First Goal Scorer
This is a more recent bet introduced to give the customer a payout should their chosen player score the second, third or fourth goal. As per a standard each way bet the unit stake is double, as you are placing two bets, and should your player not score the first but score later then the odds will be reduced for the place bet, usually 1/3 or 1/4.

Last Goal Scorer
Essentially the same bet as the first goal scorer but, obviously, the chosen player must score the last goal in the game. This bet is beneficial as it provides an interest in the game until the final whistle and is good if particular players are more active towards the end of the game.

Anytime Goalscorer
Whereas the first/last goal scorer markets require a prediction of when the goal will be scored the anytime goals scorer market just requires a player to score a goal for the bet to be a winner. The prices for any time scorer are roughly based on the first goal scorer prices and, usually, are around 1/4 of the first goal scorer odds. The markets are separate though and prices can sometimes vary.

The Scorecast bet is to predict the first goal scorer AND the correct score in the game. This market offers high prices but is very popular with bookmakers as the margins are high and the odds VERY MUCH in their favour. This market should be used for some casual interest in a match for low stakes/high returns.

If a player does not play, or comes on after the first goal is scored, then the bet is settled on the correct score only at the market price.

Man of the Match
Correctly predict who will be chosen to be the OFFICIAL man of the match.

Total Goals
Predict the total number of goals scored in 90 minutes play. Most bookmakers will normally do this in brackets of goals (such as Under 2, Exactly 2-3, Over 3) and offer a price for each bracket accordingly. There is usually also an option for total goals odd/even with two prices quoted.

Total Corners
Predict the total number of corners conceded in 90 minutes play. Most bookmakers will normally do this in brackets of corners (such as Under 10, Exactly 10-11, Over 11) and offer a price for each bracket accordingly. There is usually also an option for total corners odd/even with two prices quoted.

Total Cards
Predict the total number of cards shown in 90 minutes play. Most bookmakers will normally do this in brackets of cards (such as Under 3, Exactly 3-5, Over 5) and offer a price for each bracket accordingly. There is usually also an option for total cards odd/even with two prices quoted.

Both Teams To Score
The both teams to score bet (BTTS) is a recent development and, as the name suggests, requires both teams to score or one/both teams not to score (depending on whether the player has chosen Yes or No as their bet!) for the bet to be a winner. This bet has gained popularity and is commonly played as accumulator bets via coupons offered by bookmakers. Some bookmakers will also offer a given number of matches in a fixed odds format, e.g 6 matches, both teams to score @ 9/1.

Match Result & Both Teams To Score
This bet simply combines the BTTS market above with the team to win the game, resulting in a higher price but greater risk! Not all bookmakers offer this market.

Score Win Double (Player & Team)
Nominate a player to score a goal and their team to win the game. Offered as a single price on the outcome.

The bets highlighted above are only a selection of those available on any given football match and you should check with your bookmaker as to what other markets are available. On a typical Premier League game there could be over 100 markets or more available to bet! If you can think of a bet then there is probably already a market available for it, if not…..ask!